25 Date Nights At Home

There are usually two reasons you and your spouse will love to have a date night at home. 1. To save money and 2. Quarantine! I am proud to tell you, I fall into both. As the winter comes, and COVID-19 puts a screeching stop on our dining plans or vacation plans, date nights at home are a must.

Why Date Night?

Before I was married, I went to faith-based marriage counseling and professional marriage counseling. (The difference? One was Bible Study and the other was offering more practical tools to use.) The faith-based marriage counselor, who was also our Pastor, really stressed Date Night. It's a way to connect with your partner, step away from the day-to-day grind, and enjoy the person you love the most. I find that date nights are just a moment to reconnect with your spouse.

I know what you are thinking, "but I've been connecting all quarantine!" I understand... me too. And loving every minute of it! This time is very important in a relationship as I am a firm believer in dating your spouse. When you were "dating" what did you do? Did you go out on dates? I thought so! Well, let's have a date night in the safety of your home.

1. Formal Dinner Date

Prepare an elegant meal and set the mood as if you are in a restaurant. You should totally dress up for this date. Put on heels, makeup, perfume, jewelry, etc.--the whole nine yards. The best part is you can drink all you want without having to worry about driving home safely.

2. Build a Fort

This might be a little playful and nostalgic for you two to do together. Gather all of your blankets and chairs to create a fort in your living room.

3. MR & MRS Questions

You've heard of the newlywed game? Google search MR and MRS questions or

Newlywed questions. Have your partner answer those questions and reveal them aloud. It's sure to be a fun night.

4. Outdoor Date Night

This is awesome if you have outdoor space. But if you don't have an awesome space, you can just pull out a few lawn chairs and enjoy the stars.

5. Board/Game Night

Pretty self-explanatory. Be careful of the competitive spirit playing games brings out of the two of you.

6. Sip and Paint

You can search for local sip-and-paint businesses. Likely the business will have an at-home version of the canvas to purchase. Or if you want to do a more budget-friendly option, just grab a coloring book for a relaxing evening.

7. Fondue Night

Enjoy your favorite cheese or plant-based cheese with crudites (carrots, celery, crusty bread, and grape tomatoes). You can also have chocolate fondue. Pour your favorite beverage and celebrate your union.

8. Virtual Cooking Classes

With a simple Google search, you'll discover both free and paid cooking classes. Air BnB and Viator have awesome options to help you learn how to cook virtually.

9. Picnic Dinner

This might not be very easy to do during the wintertime, but as the warmer months come, pack a picnic and head to your local park. We actually have a beautiful picnic basket and love to bring a sandwich, nuts, fruit, and a sparkling beverage. 10 and 11. Spa Night An at-home spa night is not only relaxing but romantic! You can prepare a spa by giving your partner a facial (wash, steam, scrub, mask, toner, moisturize). You can also offer your spouse a massage as well with oils and aromatherapy. 12. Movie Night You’ve probably done this date before. Pull up the popcorn and the candy and stream a movie! 13. Karaoke Night This was our Monday night date night for several weeks. If you love to sing, this can be your jam. My hubby will join in on the fun as well. You can find karaoke videos on YouTube. 14. Cocktail Night We love to learn how to make a new cocktail. Much like a cooking class, this is an opportunity to learn about how to mix new cocktails. Search Air BNB for more fun cocktails. 15. Tapas Night Tapas night is a very delicious opportunity to try a bunch of tapas. You can think of tapas as small plates. This is a unique way to try out different small plates with your spouse. 16. Wine Tasting Now you know wine was coming into this list. (Bonus for it accidentally falling on the 16! It’s my birthday!) Pour at least four different types of wine along with crackers or bread to cleanse the palate. 17. Takeout Night No cooking required for this date night! Grab food from your favorite restaurant or a new one you’ve never tried! Prepare an elegant space to complete this date night. 18. Bake Together Baking is a little bit more challenging so it’s wonderful to do it with someone. Search for recipes on Pinterest, YouTube, cooking shows, or a cookbook for inspiration.  19. Chopped Challenge  Have you seen Chopped, the TV show? Contestants create a meal based on what’s in the mystery basket. Let’s recreate that with somewhat random items and cook along in the kitchen. Complete a taste test to see who’s food turned out the best. 20. Dream Date Take a moment of reflection with your partner on a dream date. Don’t analyze your dreams, but talk about what you want for your future together. Allow yourself to not only be honest but to really dream about the future. This is one of my favorite dates. 21. Pizza Night This remembers me of Friday nights growing up. We would order a pizza and just chill. You can do the same thing with your partner. Try a fun new pizza you’ve never tried before to make the dinner a bit more interesting. 22. Photo Album Try this date in one of two ways. You can create a digital album or a scrapbook as a photo album date or you can revisit photos from the past. 23. Crafting Project For me, this date is just an excuse to drink and craft. Surely you’ve come across an interesting project you would like to try! Try it out with your partner. You can even make it into a fun competition. 24. Dance Party Since the club scene is not really the same these days, I like to recreate a lounge vibe in my basement (I have a bar and a couch downstairs). I blast my favorite music and dance like only my hubby is watching. Usually, he’ll join me. Likewise, play your favorite songs and dance with your spouse until the early morning. 25. Award Shows As a lover of award shows, I literally go all out for my favorite shows, the Grammys, and the BET awards. I’ll prepare a party spread of different bites and a signature cocktail. I haven’t done this but I would love to get dressed for the occasion. Make a special night of it yourself by preparing a meal, dressing up and modeling like you are on walking on the red carpet, and attempting to predict the award winners. What are your date night ideas? Share them in the comments below.

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