Five Tips to Conquer the Summer Blues

Summer can easily make you feel a little low. But couple the summer blues with COVID-19 and you are really in for some dark days. I’ll never tell you to cheer up, buttercup because I know better. So instead I’ll say, not to fear, there are plenty of simple ways to cope with the summer blues.

Journal and Reflect

Recently, I’ve started using a journal. As a child, I had a journal on deck and every night it was me, a flashlight and a pen, getting busy. I have a bin of my old journals that will likely be very interesting reading on a nothing to do day. My point of saying this is, you’ll see your life differently two months, two years, or maybe in my case, two decades from now. Reflect on your day, reflect on your experiences, and feel free to be true to yourself. If you aren’t about the paper to pen, visit your app store on your phone for journal apps. Some allow you to draw, add photos, and type your thoughts. Either option will help you see the process you are making this summer.

PRO TIP: Add what you’re grateful for each time you journal.

Get off Social Media

I said what I said! At times, social media can pull you into the comparison game. Social media is literally a highlight reel. It’s not real life. Though it can be a nice place to share and engage with like-minded people, sometimes taking a little break can be amazing for your mental health. Try taking just a week off to clean your head.

PRO TIP: Delete the apps.

Plan your day

Whether you like to make lists or use programs like Slack, plan out your day. This will help you stay organized. You can also see how productive (or non-productive) you truly are during your week. Write down your personal and professional to-do tasks. Don’t be afraid to take breaks and give yourself a little “me-time” even during a busy workday.

PRO TIP: Aim for three big things to do each day.

Show up for your life

Simply put my friend, put on some real clothes and eat a real meal! Just like experts advise you to dress up for a phone interview, dress up for a work from home situation and you’ll feel more like a human. Also, cook your favorite meal to help you get to cope with the summer blues.

Watch something inspiring

When all else fails, turn on an interesting podcast, watch a funny show or movie, dancing around, read a book, just break the mood. I have dance parties in my living room all the time. It keeps my energy high and shakes off the negative energy.

What ways do you use to shake the summer blues?

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