Therapy is dope

Therapy is dope. Three words I never thought I would say. But as I've gotten older I've gained a better understanding of the need for therapy.

I will be completely honest, I thought therapy was for wealthy white people or people with ”real” problems. In 2013, I was fresh out of college and mourning both of my grandparents’ death. I needed to talk to someone and honestly praying just wasn't hitting it for me. I believe God wanted me to talk with a professional that could meet me where I was.

I met with an older white female for six sessions. I didn't take too much time to research her, I just went with the closest person my Employee Assistance Program would pay for.

I'll never forget the first time I visited this counselor. It was complicated just to find her office. I can remember her noise-canceling ocean music playing in the waiting area. I didn't know what to expect as I sat on this pale blue couch (I think it was blue). Should I lay down like I'm at home, I thought? Or sit up straight like an interview? I chose the interview position and spent all six sessions crying. We determined it was my safe place to feel my feelings.

After the first couple of free to me sessions, I realized therapy is actually okay. Years later that same therapist helped me on my first stages of living with my mental illness. She helped me find the right treatment and I will always be grateful for her assistance.

Fast forward to today, I've been speaking with my therapist for six years. We've worked through a variety of topics and thankfully with my insurance, it is not even expensive.

Therapy is dope because it allows you to explore topics you sometimes are afraid to touch on. It is dope because you receive unbiased and on the spot feedback about situations. Therapy is dope due to having a person that you can speak freely about certain topics.

Why do you think therapy is dope?

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