Vegan for a day

Have you ever wondered what a vegan person eats in a day? I'm guessing yes if you are reading this post. I've been testing and enjoying a variety of vegan recipes for the past two years. Here's a breakdown of what I love to eat in a day.


From cereal to more upscale breakfasts, this meal is still a crucial part of my diet. But just like with mornings, not everyone is spectacular.

On a decent day, I'll enjoy oatmeal with brown sugar, dried cherries, and half of a Granny Smith apple. On a better day, I'll eat quinoa with peanut butter and fresh berries. But if I'm having my best breakfast, I'll have carrot bacon a la Auntie Tabitha, spiced red potatoes with lentil patties, and a charbroiled grapefruit.


Usually, I just eat leftovers for lunch. But if I don't have leftovers, I make chickpea salad sammies or tostadas. I'm pretty blah during lunch.


Snack time is the best time! My snack list includes bananas and peanut butter, dried fruit and walnuts, or potato chips.


It's time for dinner! This is the most creative time for me. If I want something Mexican, I'll eat Chickpea Tacos, Lentil Tacos, and Mexican Lentil Soup. If I want something Mediterranean, I'll enjoy Mediterranean Rice or Tuscan Bean Kale Skillet. If I want something Southern, it's Crab Cakes and Mac & Cheeze.


I love something sweet, sometimes. When I do, I like to eat nICE cream, sorbet, lemon sugar cookies, and a brookie (cookie and a brownie).

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