Vegan Pantry Must-Haves

Veganism doesn't have to be complicated. Finding the products you love is easy too! Load up your pantry with wholesome foods to keep you full and nourished all day long.


Lately, I've been ordering my produce from Imperfect Foods. This is a budget-friendly option for me that allows me to stay away from the store. When I order my produce I love to order the following:

  • Ginger

  • Cauliflower

  • Spinach

  • Onion

  • Kale

  • Tomatoes

  • Garlic

  • Avocado

  • Potato

  • Carrot

  • Apples

This is just a small list of produce to load my pantry/fridge/baskets each week. Typically, my produce selection is the same week to week. I try to remain seasonal with my sections to have the best quality produces at a low price.


Grains and pasta are a must on a vegan diet. Rice is very easy to incorporate into my weekly meal planning, perhaps too much rice in one week! 😀 Adding a cashew-based or tomato sauce to pasta is a quick and easy way to make a meal. Grains like quinoa, barley, rice, and farro are an excellent whole wheat source for my diet.

I love the following:

  • Pasta

  • Rice

  • Quinoa


The bulk of my diet is beans! I can eat chickpeas every day with no sadness. Beans are such a high source of protein. I love to add beans or nuts to everything from salads, pastas, and soups. Nuts, especially cashews are very versatile in vegan cooking. Cashews can be used for dessert and savory dishes. I love to use cashews to make both "ricotta" cheese and "cheezecake".

These are my must-haves in these categories.

  • Chickpeas

  • Pinto Beans

  • Black Beans

  • Lentils

  • Almonds

  • Cashew


Food needs seasoning. Food needs flavor. Seasonings and spices are a must to add flavor to meals. As an important side note, sauces also amplify the flavor of food. A little teaspoon of this spice can go a long way. I'm very generous with my seasonings to make sure food taste like something.

Here are a few of my favorite seasonings:

  • Paprika

  • Cumin

  • Oregano

  • Pink Salt

  • Freshly grounded pepper

  • Chili powder

  • Poultry seasoning (YES, it's vegan!)

  • Garlic Powder

  • Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

  • Dried Thyme

  • Dried Basil


A girl has to have her snacks! Salty or sweet, I’ve definitely have to eat one or more of these each day! It‘s all about balance.

  • Chips

  • Cookies

  • Popcorn

  • Hummus

  • Nuts

  • Seaweed Snacks

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