What is Young Black MRS?

According to my husband, Young Black MRS was born during our honeymoon in Italy. I don't remember that. There was a lot of really delicious red wine flowing. I wanted to share my story, my experience in a new marriage.

I have been surrounded by black love my whole life. From my grandparents to my parents and extended family, black love was all around. On September 2, 2018, I became a MRS. I became a wife. I committed to my husband to be his life long partner.

To document my first year as a wife, this podcast was born. As I said in the first episode of my podcast, "You don't have to be young, you don't have to be black, you don't even have to be married. You just have to appreciate the essence." I mean that. Young Black MRS describes me. No matter what my age, I'll always be young at heart. I pray to always be his wife and well, I'm always going to be black.

Each episode is broken into segments: Shakin' My Curls, What You Chewin', Main Event, and Positive Tip. In Shakin' My Curls no annoying topic is off-limits. From the silliest of pet peeves to serious topics, this segment taps into conversations. What You Chewin' documents one of the responsibilities of #wifelife, cooking. I have shifted from a healthy diet to a mostly plant-based diet since the start of the podcast. The Main Event captures interviews from knowledgable and dope people. I end with a Positive Tip, recapping the show.

What's your favorite segment?

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